Why $FTP can be in Demand?

2 min readJan 18, 2022

With the FTP token being the driver for new services on Exscudo, its features won’t be limited by payments. Exscudo team has big plans – here’s why $FTP will be in demand and how users will benefit from the token.

About $FTP

Meet $FTP, an ERC-20 utility token used to drive the ecosystem and incentivize the Exscudo community. It fuels the FTP blockchain – a move to Substrate is coming soon.

The idea to launch it aligns with a loyalty program to impact the growth of the Exscudo ecosystem and its community where the FTP token is a value transfer method as BTC, ETH or USDT, but immediately and at a lower cost.

How does $FTP Work?

The discount system will be integrated into every paid service of the ecosystem products.

Users of the token, when depositing it, can receive up to 50% off ecosystem transactions.

Depositing $FTP for a period of 6 months or more is considered a deposit.

The return on savings on fees when depositing in $FTP for the user is 300% per annum. The amount of money saved on fees by depositing $FTP can be up to 300% per annum.


“Accordingly, in order to get a $1 discount, I need to keep a $4 deposit. If translated into a yield, then if I keep these $4 for a year, then I get a discount of up to $12. And that’s a 300% return.”

$FTP Use Cases

B2B discounts (merchants, PSP, SDK/White label). Discounts of up to 50% on service fees, depening on the turnover and $FTP balance. For maximum benefit, a B2B client wil need to hold 640 to 16M tokens.

B2C discounts (FinTap). $FTP holders will enjoy lower spreads on currency conversions, deposits, withdrawals, OTC transactions, invocing, and acquiring.

B2B Affiliate incentives. Rebates of up to 15% for introducing new clients to Exscudo. A stake of 6,400 to 1.7M $FTP is required to earn the maximum bonus.

B2C referral program discount model. Agents who introduce new users receive a revenue share of 10% to 47% for 1.5 years. A stake of 640 to 14M $FTP is required to earn maximum rebates.

Join the Waitlist

While the Exscudo infrastructure is growing, more use cases and bonus programs may appear for the FTP token holders. Join the waitlist to stay up-to-date with the project: https://bit.ly/3419l5r

About Exscudo

Exscudo is a multi-currency payment ecosystem with a $250M transaction volume in 2021. It features 600 ways to convert crypto and fiat at the best fixed rates; crypto acquiring for merchants; a blockchain messenger with built-in crypto purchases and transfers; and near-zero in-app fees. The platform uses the proprietary EON blockchain and will become fully decentralized by 2023.




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