Exscudo AMA Recap (May 4th)

4 min readMay 5, 2022

Dear Exscudo users! Recently we published a new Medium article about Exscudo current plan (including EON to FTP swap). We asked you to send us your questions, so that we could clarify the details for you.

On May 4 Trevor Laird answered community question about the IDO cancellation, company’s product development, updated roadmap and more!

Read the questions and answers for the session below:

  1. Hello, do you think that with the products we have right now we could reach the top 100 of coinmarketcap, with good marketing and listing on good exchanges, or do you still see it far away?

Great question for the start! Let me try to answer it.

Our platform and products (FinTap + acquiring), in particular, fit perfectly into the picture of the world today.

As for the rating of our token in the top of the coinmarket cap — frankly speaking, we do not think about it.

Our task is to provide a convenient, secure solution for as large an audience as possible, and then the ratings will come up.

2. What’s the most successful product in the Exscudo ecosystem?

The long development and introduction of our project to the market is due to the fact that we developed most of the solution ourselves, in addition, we did not have a pronounced flagship.

If we talk about the product where we have the most customers, then Fintap is undoubtedly the most popular.

Check out my video reviews:


🔸 Where did the company come from?

🔸 What’s been happening since the original 2017 launch?

🔸 What progress has been made?


🔸 Fintap wallet

🔸 The EON Network

🔸 Crypto Acquiring

🔸 MultiBroker

3. Is there an updated Roadmap?

Not yet, we have not yet implemented the current roadmap, there is not much left: maps and p2p

Check out this old one for now: https://exscudo.com/docs/FinTap_IDO_-_EXSCUDO_Litepaper.pdf

4. 5What will be the target for Exscudo development?

After the completion of the current roadmap (and in fact this process is running in parallel) — we will concentrate our efforts on a fully decentraliszed DEFI platform.

The task of the first revision is to provide a sustainable business model, the task of the second revision is to scale success.

5. When and where will the swap happen?

Detailed instructions will be on the website, in the app and mailed to all participants.

Most likely the swap will take place in the Fintap app, with a tentative timeline of June-July 2022

Read the guide now to know the Exscudo statement: https://exscudo.medium.com/test-7041b7b34b2e

6. How can I become an exscudo ambassador like Trevor?

As of today, we are not considering an Ambasadorian program.

If you are interested to contribute to the development of our community, feel free to contact our Community managers Mateo and Alex.

7. What are recent updates of the fintap app?

Oh, well, actually, there are many of them. And we’re happy that the app gets better and better (we read your reviews!)

1. Changed Stories functionality, now available for different sections of the app

2. Changed the Sending, Receiving, and Exchange scripts

3. Added widget to chat for Payment Invoice

Changed onboarding screens.

5. New application icon

6. Changes in registration process

7. Stories began to support multilingualism

8. New Service Desk system (UseDesk)

Check out my recent video review to fully explore Fintap: https://youtu.be/RTuLrxfxAJ8

8. How are you going to promote FTP?

We will have an advertising campaign, but we are going to focus on community growth, as the ideology and mission of our ecosystem solve problems of ordinary people.

You will not go on vacation with a suitcase of money, you will not keep this same suitcase under your bed, and the level of confidence in banks is decreasing every year, Bitcoin or other crypto — good, but they will not pay for bread or fare, while we offer digital cash.

Therefore, the promotion of FTP will be tied primarily to social mechanics.

9. What is your target audience for now, which crypto audience are you aiming at?

This is a question that can have several answers because the target audience depends on our goals. If we consider the users of Exscudo ecosystem products, now we aim here:

Regions: EU, Malaysia, Indonesia, LA, Africa and the Arab World.

Age: 18–40 years old.

Still, we know that all over the world there’s a demand for our products, therefore we’re going to explore all other world parts too.


This is the end of our AMA session. We hope you enjoyed it.

Feel free to send new questions to our Telegram chat with #AskExscudo hashtag.

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