Exscudo AMA Recap (January 24, 2022)

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For those who missed our AMA with Trevor Laird, we have an article with all the questions and answers. To find out what Exscudo is doing now and what to expect in the future, our community is recommended to study the latest article!

Q: I would like to know how they are projected for this year and how they plan to make the project go viral so that everyone knows about it?

A: First of all, you can see the general Exscudo plan in this file: https://exscudo.com/docs/FinTap_IDO_-_EXSCUDO_Lightpaper.pdf

So, this is our roadmap. Our plan. And the first goal is to implement all the planned features of the FinTap app: direct card purchases, invoices, p2p, virtual crypto card, etc.

Secondly, bringing DeFi and fiat-based finance together is important for us as well – so, Exscudo is several steps ahead of others in this case.

We have a fully operational suite of products with a transaction volume of ~250 million dollars in 2021, as well as a fast and scalable blockchain we’ve developed in-house. We also have a wide network of partners among exchange brokers, OTC platforms, etc., plus a monetization model with 5 active revenue streams.

Using the word “viral” is not 100% correct, because Exscudo is not about a one day hype.

It is rather more fundamental. We are focusing on doing press releases together with big media, interacting with influencers and bloggers, running ad campaigns, contests, drops and more. The marketing campaign consists of many steps, tools and mechanics, so it’s a complex process working toward common goals of the Exscudo team.

Q: What use cases are you planning for $FTP? Will there be new use cases appearing later? (In the end of the year, in 2023 and so on).

A: That’s a good question. Thank you! So, with the FTP token being the driver for new services on Exscudo, its features won’t be limited by payments, of course.

I think these are better questions that will help you to understand the token better: Why $FTP will be in demand? How will users benefit from the token?

The idea to launch it aligns with a loyalty program to impact the growth of the Exscudo ecosystem and its community where the FTP token is a value transfer method as BTC, ETH or USDT, but immediately and at a lower cost.

The discount system will be integrated into every paid service of the ecosystem products. Users of the token, when depositing it, can receive up to 50% off ecosystem transactions. Depositing $FTP for a period of 6 months or more is considered a deposit. The return on savings on fees when depositing in $FTP for the user is 300% per annum. The amount of money saved on fees by depositing $FTP can be up to 300% per annum.

Here are some real examples of the FTP use cases:

B2B discounts (merchants, PSP, SDK/White label). Discounts of up to 50% on service fees, depending on the turnover and $FTP balance. For maximum benefit, a B2B client will need to hold 640 to 16M tokens.

B2C discounts (FinTap). $FTP holders will enjoy lower spreads on currency conversions, deposits, withdrawals, OTC transactions, invoicing, and acquiring.

B2B Affiliate incentives. Rebates of up to 15% for introducing new clients to Exscudo. A stake of 6,400 to 1.7M $FTP is required to earn the maximum bonus.

B2C referral program discount model. Agents who introduce new users receive a revenue share of 10% to 47% for 1.5 years. A stake of 640 to 14M $FTP is required to earn maximum rebates.

As for some future use cases, the team will come up with new ones. It is just a matter of time and development. So, I hope that was helpful!

Q: Do you have any arrangements with the pads already? When can we expect the IDO dates?

A: Yes, I think so. Since the end of the year, we have been working on our marketing strategy for 2022.

Also, we are in negotiations with prime advisors and launchpads. As soon as there’s a deal and green light for the announcement, the Exscudo team will let you know where the $FTP IDO will take place.

Sign up for a waitlist at https://exscudo.com/ido to be the first to know which launchpad will be chosen.

By the way, let us know later after the AMA about your IDO experience! That can be useful to know.

Q: Are you planning to announce your strategic partners any time soon?

A: For sure, we will. I think we will make a separate announcement of every single partner and advisor. Afterwards, we will publish an article with the final list of partners and some more facts about them and the IDO itself.

Q: Do you have any news on what you are currently doing?

A: As we have an ecosystem, we have many products and services to work on. So, there are updates coming every day.

For example, we are working on the Exscudo Springboard. What is it? So, it’s a liquidity platform where project teams and market makers can create pools for new tokens and make them available to the whole ecosystem.

Moreover, we are working on a set of DeFi instruments leveraging the new FTP token.

And we have some FinTap updates as well:

Now users can process payments of other users themselves within the OTC orders functionality.

By adding new partners and adding complex transactions to the app, where users can buy or withdraw Bitcoins to the card in one step, FinTap will be able to increase the number of depositing, exchange and withdrawal methods.

Very soon our new referral program will be introduced and the new FTP ecosystem token will be available to everyone to get lower fees and rebates.

When there are more updates, we will make a new post about all of them.

Q: What makes sure the current Exscudo project runs on a roadmap?

A: We made the plan ourselves, so we know where we are now, where we’re ahead, where we’re a little late, and where we’ve decided to go in a slightly different direction.

The main roadmap has already been published and is available in the presentation: https://exscudo.com/docs/FinTap_IDO_-_EXSCUDO_Lightpaper.pdf

Q: What will be the total token supply? How many tokens will be allocated for the public sale?

A: Thank you for your question! So, the total token supply is 1 000 000 000. Circulated on TGE: 30 000 000 (Share: 3.00%).

The amount of tokens allocated for the public sale is 20 000 000 (Share: 2.00%) with a 3 month vesting period (no lockup). The price will be $0.035 per token.

Q: Is it possible to become your ambassador? I have a big base of guys and girls who’re into new IDO’s. If so, what shall I do to initiate the work?

A: It’s great to see that you have such an interest and desire to contribute to the project development! Speaking about the program for ambassadors, it is in plans, yes.

We are eager to develop our community and establish local ones as well. If you have an idea or a proposal, you can contact our community manager @maurofdev and leave a message with your initiative.

Q: Is there Russian support?

A: Right now, we have only the English-speaking community. However, we are thinking of creating local ones, we’ll let you know. It is a matter of time.

Still, if you have questions in Russian concerning Exscudo, FinTap or other products, feel free to launch our Telegram bot, choose the topic and wait for our support agent to help you resolve your issue. Try it now: @exscudo_support_bot

Q: Do you have any news for EON holders? Do we have any privilege to join the IDO somehow?

A: Yes, of course. That’s one of the key points and a great question as well.

So, the Seed Round allocation of $FTP will be allocated to EON holders.

All of you, the holders, are eligible for the swap, including those who bought tokens at the ICO, bounty campaign participants, etc.

What’s more, the swap will be done with a 1.2 coefficient: if you have 5,000 $EON, you will receive 5,000*1.2=6,000 $FTP.

Most EON holders will find themselves either fully compensated or close to breakeven after receiving $FTP.

Even those whose $FTP allocation is worth more than what they had spent on $EON in 2017 will hopefully break even soon after the exchange listing.

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