Exscudo AMA Recap (February 17, 2022)

5 min readFeb 18, 2022


If you missed our recent AMA with Trevor Laird, we prepared a new Medium article for you with all the questions and answers. During the session, Trevor Laird (Exscudo Ambassador) was answering questions about his video series of reviewing the Exscudo ecosystem.

Mauro (M): Greetings everyone! I’m excited to begin our new AMA session together with one and only Trevor Laird! It’s a pleasure to have you again.

Trevor (T): Hello Everyone! Nice to be with you here once more. Thank you Mauro for running today’s AMA.

M: Great. I think it’s a good time to begin. During the previous weeks you have been working on a video series about the Exscudo ecosystem. So, Trevor, what are your thoughts on the result? What is the first episode about?

T: The first one I wanted new users to understand exactly the past of the company. It’s all about being transparent and making sure old and new users understand the path the company has taken so far to reach this point.

M: What about the second episode?

T: Ah yes looking at the present, I actually enjoyed this one because I got to go over all the work that has been done and showcase Exscudo’s current suite of products.

M: I see. Well, it’s not the end. Third episode?

T: For the final video I wanted to give a brief overview of the IDO itself and answer the simple questions of Why have an IDO? How will it work? and Why participate in the IDO?

M: Ok. So, we have collected questions from the community. We have more than usual but we tried to choose the most interesting ones.

T: lol

M: Trevor, how did you become the ambassador of Exscudo? Is there an ambassador program for the community?

T: Over the last few years I have made content covering the ICO and Exscudo’s progress. When this IDO decision was made the Exscudo CEO Andrew Zimine asked me if I would be interested in being a community liaison. As we discussed the idea more and more it evolved into the Ambassador role. Going forward as things grow we will need more and more leaders in the community , especially when it comes to different world regions. For now there is no official program but that could easily change in the future.

M: Trevor, what FTP use cases are you looking forward to?

T: For me it really comes down to fees, if you do even a moderate amount of crypto trading you know the fee’s can really add up. The idea here there but simply staking FTP you can eliminate up to 50% of those fees really excites me.

M: Hi, Trevor. My question is: Did you participate in the ICO? Are you planning to participate in the swap from EON to FTP or receive allocation?

T: Firstly the answer is Yes, I put multiple bitcoins into the ICO (Far lower value then today!) And yes I will be participating in the swap from EON/NION to FTP.

M: Trevor, in your video review you mentioned that the Exscudo ecosystem has licenses. What are those?

T: Exscudo’s Financial service and Virtual currency license is number FVT000187 and can be viewed here: https://exscudo.com/docs/Exscudo-Financial-Service-License.pdf

M: How secure are Exscudo products?

T: Very! The team even hired multiple white hat hackers to try to penetrate Exscudo’s security and not a single one could crack it.

M: What are the consequences of the ICO? Positive and negative

T: Hmm, I think both. So the ICO on paper gave enough funds to finish the products, get licenced and bring them to market. But due to the SEC rule change for our US friends half those funds had to be returned. So the good part was still having enough to get the products made , the bad obviously being large delays to get to this point.

M: What are the potential risks of the upcoming IDO?

T: For the user the risks are the same as all investments, no guarantee of open market performance over time. For the company the risk is using a large amount of capital on marketing the IDO with an assumed positive result. This all comes down to careful planning.

M: Do you think the public sale will happen in March-April?

T: Yes! I have been speaking almost daily with the CEO and things are still looking on track.

M: What happened to the FinTap app, why does the support not working? There are many negative reviews. How are you going to deal with it?

T: The issues that have been noted from some users over the last few weeks stemmed from an internal issue within their country (in this case Nigeria). Due to the financial state of that nation each user and transaction needed to be checked individually and that takes time. Overall for the majority of global users this is a non issue and support is available very quickly. Exscudo will always do what it can to ensure smooth service for everyone who uses it. But in some cases the issue is outside of the company’s control.

M: Trevor union pay and alipay are going to be added also to the fintap app soon or not this year?

T: So I can’t answer this directly as it will differ for different regions. But the Fintap team is constantly adding new updates for both FIAT onramps and offramps. I would not be surprised if we see these services integrated in the near future.

M: You say that IDO is on schedule… What’s the schedule?

T: I have said that, It doesn’t come down to a single person but a team of people. The reason Exscudo has not put out a date is because all the different participants need to line up at once. But as of this AMA things are looking strong for March!

M: Alright, I think we’re done. Now we have to choose the best questions. Which ones did you like most? We have to choose 3.

T: Yes I know the drill by now haha I have been noting each one!

  • The first winner is question #1 Asking about becoming an Ambassador!
  • The second winner will be question #9 Asking about Fintap support (we needed to address this head on).
  • And the last winner will be Bonus question #11 asking about my IDO schedule. I think it’s important that we address that it’s not one person’s decision but an entire team that comes together to finalize the dates for the IDO.

M: I guess this is it! We have come to the end of our AMA session. Thank you Trevor for your involvement.

T: Absolutely, it’s been so fun over the last few weeks to create some new content going over the past,present and future of Exscudo and these AMA’s show what users really want from their community.

M: Big thanks to our community for sending your questions! It’s great to see that you have a big interest in our common goals. We’ll bring more news soon. Stay tuned! Tomorrow we will post the AMA recap.

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