Blockchain Keeps Your Money and Messages Safe

We developed EON blockchain specially for use with in our technologies. It ensures stable operation of Exscudo products and their reliability.

The EON technology can be used in many different spheres, such as finance and business. The main features are reliability, power and protection against different types of attacks.

What makes it special?

Flexibility and effectiveness of the technology are achieved through a lowering of the load on the EON platform. The decentralized network assumes the critical function connected with safety.

Security: In order to provide security for the EON technology, the NaCl library is used. The algorithm of the electronic signature Ed25519 is used as a quick and strong option on the elliptical curves of EdDSA. In this way, the EON blockchain is secure against different types of cyberattacks, which is of the utmost importance today.

Encryption: We use military grade encryption to secure sensetive data. Even if an outsider got their hands on private data like messages or transaction records, they wouldn’t know what they are looking at.

Decentralization: We don’t store user’s funds in one spot like banks do. Instead, we use a destributed storage solutoin. Nobody can come and tamper with money in our system.

All of our products are connected to each other, creating a single ecosystem.

  • FinTap digital wallet application allows users to store and exchange various crypto and fiat currencies and transact with each other.
  • OTC Exchange Core connects FinTap’s users with exchange brokers giving them the ability to transfer funds from one payment method to another at competitive rates.
  • Merchant Acquiring allows merchants to receive payments using various payments methods by routing payments through OTC Exchange Core.
  • Multibroker trading terminal allows professional traders to access liquidity from major crypto exchange and freely transfer funds between multibroker account and Fintap wallet.


EON Blockchain stores users’ credentials for all parts of the ecosystem and records all transactions in the private blockchain.

About Exscudo

Exscudo is a multi-currency payment ecosystem with a $250M transaction volume in 2021. It features 600 ways to convert crypto and fiat at the best fixed rates; crypto acquiring for merchants; a blockchain messenger with built-in crypto purchases and transfers; and near-zero in-app fees. The platform uses the proprietary EON blockchain and will become fully decentralized by 2023.




We combine traditional money and cryptocurrency to deliver a new type of financial experience.

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We combine traditional money and cryptocurrency to deliver a new type of financial experience.

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